2015 Recipe Contest Submissions

Peanut Butter Balls


1 cup peanut butter
1 stick margarine (softened)
3 cups powdered sugar
Pinch of salt
1¼ cups milk chocolate chips
¼ bar Gulf Wax paraffin (can find in with canning supplies or possibly other areas of grocery store)


Put a sheet of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Mix together the peanut butter, margarine, powdered sugar, and salt until blended well; roll into 1-inch balls and place on the wax paper. Chill in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes.

In a double boiler, melt ¼ bar of paraffin over medium low heat; stir in the milk chocolate chips, stirring until completely melted. Dip the peanut butter balls in chocolate (I use tongs for this, but you could also use a fork to lift them out), coating completely, and place them back onto the wax paper. Put them back in the refrigerator to set.

After they have set, you can move them to a container with a lid. We like to keep ours stored in the refrigerator, but they do not have to be. If you are not going to store them in the refrigerator, I recommend lining the bottom of the container with wax paper, and also putting a piece of wax paper between the layers if they are going to be stacked in the container.

Margaret Tanner

We all like chocolate and peanut butter! It has been a tradition for years to make these at Christmas for my family and friends. They are always a big hit. Both of our children live out of state, one in Montana, and one in Tennessee, and I send some of these for their families at Christmas time, that way they don’t miss out on that homemade candy they grew up enjoying at Christmas!