2015 Recipe Contest Submissions



2 cups sugar
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 3/4 cups white karo syrup
1/2 lb. (2 sticks) salted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans


Mix into heavy 5 qt. kettle:
2 cups sugar, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 1 3/4 cups white karo syrup, 1/2 lb. (2
sticks) salted butter.
Bring quickly to boil over high heat, stirring constantly.
Add 2nd cup of whipping cream a little at a time and turn down heat to medium,
stirring constantly. Do not allow mixture to stop boiling. Let boil approximately
20 minutes to 235 degrees.
Remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon vanilla and add 1 cup chopped pecans.
Grease jelly roll pan and pour caramels into greased pan.
Cool completely and cut into squares and wrap in individual wax paper squares.

Janet Mangalavite