Barn quilt designed to help boost area tourism

WillieWiredhandbarnquiltIn an effort to help boost tourism in the area, Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative, SIEC, hung a 10-foot by 10-foot barn quilt, May 7, at its facilities in Dongola.

The quilt was hung on the side of a truck storage ­building. Motorists will be able to see the colorful display when they drive by SIEC headquarters in the Union County community.

The barn quilt features an image of Willie Wiredhand. The image previously had served as a logo for electric cooperatives located throughout the country.

Creation and public display of barn quilts has been underway in neighboring Alexander County. The work is being spearheaded by the Alexander County Tourism Bureau.

“We credit the barn quilt idea to the Alexander County Tourism Bureau,” SIEC Director of Communication Jerri Schaefer stated.

“We hope the more recognition we receive from the hanging of these quilts, the more popular quilts will become in our county, and tourism throughout Southern Illinois will increase as tours begin, as in other Midwestern states,” Schaefer added.