Dairyland Power Co-op seeks solar proposals

“We’re looking for utility-scale solar that could include single or multiple arrays in our service ­solarterritory,” said Katie Thomson, Senior Communications Specialist for La Crosse-based Dairyland Power Cooperative. “Multiple sites could offer an advantage in regard to weather ­conditions across the region.”

The G&T is diversifying its ­generation portfolio with projects that provide affordable and reliable service to its member cooperatives and their co-op members.

Dairyland recently issued a request for proposals, setting out ­specifications and parameters for potential projects, which could include power purchase ­agreements or assets owned and operated by the G&T. “We’re willing to consider a range of qualified proposals,” said Thomson. “The RFP stipulates that projects be operational by July 1, 2016.”

The G&T wants the arrays to be located within or near its 44,500 square-mile service territory. That area includes western Wisconsin, southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and northwest Illinois.

The power produced by the arrays will be added to Dairyland’s ­generation resources to help meet the needs of 25 distribution cooperatives and 17 ­municipal utilities.

Proposals will be accepted through the end of this month. Final selections of the approved projects should be completed by year’s end.

“Dairyland continues to evolve to meet challenges, while staying true to our core mission—powering our ­communities and empowering our members,” said Barbara Nick, Dairyland’s president and CEO. “Our evolution will involve ­continued partnerships, collaboration and ­cooperation with our members and other stakeholders in the industry.”