Find an Illinois farmers market near you

Illinois is third in the nation for the number of ­farmers markets. Farmers markets offer consumers farm-fresh, affordable, convenient, and healthy products such as: fruits, vegetables, cheeses, herbs, fish, flowers, baked goods, meat and much more. You can search for a community or roadside farmers market near you by going to

Farmers markets serve as integral links between urban, suburban, and rural communities, affording farmers and their consumers the opportunity to interact. The ­popularity of farmers markets continues to rise, as more and more consumers discover the joys of shopping for unique ­ingredients sold direct from the farm, and the pleasure of buying familiar products in their freshest possible state.

“There are more than 3,200 farms in Illinois dedicated to growing specialty crops. We are seeing an increased demand for these items. Illinois is proud to be the nation’s leader in growing pumpkins and horseradish, as well as a major supplier of cantaloupe, green peas, lima beans and sweet corn,” said Philip Nelson, director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture. “The Illinois Products Farmers’ Market is a great place for you to meet the hard ­working men and women driving the specialty crop industry ­forward in Illinois.”