Illinois pioneers of rural electrification

tim-reeves_page_1_image_0001Timothy W. Reeves

Tim Reeves, son of R.T. “Tom” Reeves, began his cooperative career in 1975 as a staff assistant at Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association, and later became assistant manager. In January 1980, Reeves succeeded his father as general manager of Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative. Ten years later, he transitioned to the staff of Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC), the ­generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative at Lake of Egypt. Reeves became its assistant general manager in 1991.

Upon the retirement of SIPC General Manager James R. Chapman, he took the helm of the G&T and held that position until his retirement in 2007. During his tenure at SIPC, Reeves also represented Illinois on the board of directors of National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation. He rejoined SIPC in 2007 as interim general manager while a search for a new manager was conducted.

In celebration of the AIEC’s 75th anniversary, this is eleventh in a series of profiles on Illinois’ rural ­electric pioneers.