The impact of regulations on you

Cooperative Action Network logoWe’ve written before about how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for new and existing power plants have the potential to drive up your electric bills. We’ve also asked that you join other co-op members in making sure the EPA hears your concerns. We need some common sense and concern for ­consumers inserted in the process. We need affordable and reliable energy.

The clock is ticking for the EPA’s 165-day public ­comment period on its proposed existing plants Green House Gas rule. To date we are moving closer to the goal of one million comments from co-op members. Please go to before the new December 1 deadline and add your comments.

In addition to the cost of these new regulations we are concerned about reliability. By reducing the overall amount of dependable base-load power generation ­available, the EPA is removing a vital safety net that ­prevents rolling blackouts at times of peak use. The very coal units that could be shut down in response to this rule were needed to keep the lights on ­during the Polar Vortex last winter. The proposed rule adopts an “all-but-one strategy” abandoning the safety of an all-of-the-above strategy. A true all-of-the-above fuel strategy permits utilities to build and operate a portfolio of resources that ensures American families aren’t left in the dark. Once power plants are shuttered, there’s no magic switch to flip and turn them back on in times of need.

We need you to take a stand and urge our families and friends to join us. Visit