It’s the cooperative way

McDonough Power Journeyman Lineman Joe Wernsman posted, “Sometimes it takes a village to restore power!”

Cooperation among cooperatives is one of the principles upon which all cooperatives stand. This commitment was never more evident than Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26. McDonough Power Cooperative, Macomb, had two separate storms blow through their service territory wreaking havoc on the electrical system.

On Friday, linemen from Adams Electric Cooperative assisted McDonough Power linemen replace 14 broken poles amid mud, downed trees and debris left in the wake of the afternoon storm. The following evening another storm hit the same area damaging an additional 28 poles. In all, three substations were damaged, and more than 1,350 members left without power. Additional crews from Clinton County Electric Cooperative, Inc., Illinois Electric Cooperative, Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co., Shelby Electric Cooperative and Spoon River Electric Cooperative arrived early Sunday morning to lend a hand in restoring power. By Sunday evening, the power was back on.

Electric cooperatives know that if in similar circumstances, the electric cooperative family is ready to help. It’s the cooperative way.