Celebrate National Chocolate Day with Godiva

As if you need an excuse to celebrate America’s favorite flavor, here it is – National Chocolate Day! Oct. 28 is dedicated to all things chocolate, and we can’t wait to celebrate! Chocolate lovers can indulge their sweet tooth with the new collection of Godiva Masterpieces.

This collection is now available at drugstores and grocery stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target and more with individually-wrapped chocolates (MSRP: $4.29) or filled chocolate bars (MSRP: $2.99).

Godiva offers three delicious ways to celebrate with its new collection:

  • Dark chocolate ganache heart: Inspired by Godiva’s most beloved chocolate, the heart-shaped Coeur Iconique is a bold dark chocolate heart with a luxurious, velvety chocolate ganache filling.
  • Milk chocolate caramel lion of Belgium: Inspired by Godiva’s most cherished chocolate, a majestic chocolate “shield” proudly embossed with the Belgium coat of arms is filled with a sublime caramel filling.
  • Milk chocolate hazelnut oyster: Inspired by Godiva’s most treasured chocolate, the legendary Oyster piece is a delicate milk chocolate oyster shell filled with creamy hazelnut praline filling.

Now the hard part, which will you choose? If you have a plan to celebrate National Chocolate Day, share it with us @IllinoisCountryLiving.