Raising the flag the lineman way

Flag raising Lineman Rodeo 2014At the 17th Lineman’s Safety Rodeo, held at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, this year’s class of “up and coming” linemen raised the American flag using their new pole ­climbing

skills. The event was held Oct. 3 and teams from 14 Illinois electric ­cooperatives competed in the annual event.

This year’s best overall team ­winners were Steve Gottman, Drew Weder and Josh Nattier from Prairie Power, Inc.

The linemen ­competed in five team events and three ­individual events. Team events included hurt man ­rescue, egg climb (linemen ­climbing a 40-foot pole with a raw egg in their mouths), cross arm ­changeout, H-structure ­obstacle course and a bucket truck ­material ­handler ­obstacle event.