Tips for unwrapping a healthier YOU!

cranberries with decorationsHolidays are traditionally marked by celebration, family and food. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the festivities while keeping a balanced and healthful diet.

Party Snacks:

❈ Take control. Before a holiday event, eat a snack or light meal. You will be less likely to fill up on high-calorie foods at the event. Fasting before an event may lead you to overeat.

❈ Keep it lean. Go for the vegetable platter and lean proteins, such as shrimp. Try to avoid creamy or fried appetizers.

❈ Bring a dish. Offer to bring a low-calorie dish to the holiday party. It will help your host and your waistline!

Holiday Dinner

❈ Pile on the veggies. Fill up on healthful items such as vegetables, salad and even fruit before going for the more decadent sides.

❈ Reduce your portions. Choose items you want to try the most and eat a small portion of each. This will help you keep your calories down, while still enjoying ­holiday favorites!

❈ Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize you are full. Make sure you slow down and savor your meal to ­prevent overeating.

❈ Take a walk. After your meal, get moving! It will help your body digest the food and use some of the extra calories you consumed during the meal.

Seasonal Sweets

❈ Moderation is key. Enjoy your favorite desserts during the ­holiday; just be mindful of portion sizes. Sample a small amount of your favorite items. The holidays only come once a year so you should take the opportunity to enjoy the occasional sweet!

❈ Share your dessert. Cut calories in half by ­sharing your dessert with a friend or family member.

Source: NRECA