Hunting Works for Illinois

Does blaze orange equal lots of green for the economy? Sportsmen, retailers and business leaders throughout Illinois say yes and getting that message out far and wide is the goal of a new organization called Hunting Works for Illinois.

“When looking at the economy of Illinois, it’s hard to ignore the size, scope and impact of hunters, ­hunting and the shooting sports,” said Mark Denzler, COO of the Illinois Manufacturers Association and a co-chair of Hunting Works for Illinois. “Quite frankly, hunters spend millions of dollars each year in Illinois, and much of that money goes to local business owners and ­entrepreneurs. Hunters frequently support locally-owned sporting goods stores, hardware stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and cafes all across Illinois.”

The newly formed Hunting Works for Illinois partnership has over 50 ­partner organizations and will be ­adding more in the weeks and months to come. The effort is supported by organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The organization and its partners will be active in the state, attending events and educating public and elected ­officials on why hunting and the shooting sports are so important to Illinois’ economy.

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