Healthy changes for men over 50

For men, their 50s can be a time of reflection. According to Dr. Zack Fulton of OSF HealthCare, 50 is the time for men to prioritize their health.

“We all constantly change,” says Fulton. “As we age, more things go wrong, and we have more problems. One reason 50 is a magic number is because many new screening tests start in your 50s, especially men.”

Preventive care is crucial. Fulton stresses the importance of getting an annual physical. Health screenings include blood pressure screening, cancer screening, colonoscopy, cholesterol screening and prostate exams.

“The biggest thing with any patient is getting to know them, what their concerns are and their family history, so you know what could cause a problem,” says Fulton.

Other tips for men over 50:

  • Sleep – get seven to nine hours each night.
  • Healthy eating – swap out junk food with fruits and vegetables.
  • Smoking – putting an end to smoking improves overall health.
  • Alcohol – watch alcohol consumption, moderation is key.
  • Exercise – a combination of strength training and cardio workouts help with loss of bone mass and flexibility. 

“We often have trouble getting people to make that first step and come in for a checkup,” he says. “Once we get some measurements including weight and cholesterol, we can gear the focus toward what they need most.”

Source: OSF HealthCare