EXTRA – ICGA offers statement regarding House Ag Committee Farm Bill legislation

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.- Illinois Corn Growers Association President Jeff Scates, a family farmer from Shawneetown, IL, released the following statement in response to the House Agriculture Committee’s 35-11 passage of the 2012 farm bill early Thursday morning:

A 2012 farm bill signed and enacted by President Obama remains a top priority of the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

A pervasive drought holds much of the Corn Belt in a tight grip. It provides an unfortunately perfect illustration of why the 2012 farm bill must not be held up by partisan bickering. Farmers must continue to have tools to handle risk, especially when Mother Nature throws us a curve ball like this drought that’s so beyond our control.

The Ag Committee’s bill must contain program elements to help farmers survive a tough year like this one so they can continue to grow food, feed, and fuel for future generations of Americans and others around the world. There should be no doubt amongst the members of the House that they act quickly to pass a farm bill so the legislative process can continue in Conference Committee.

ICGA appreciates the yes votes from Congressmen Hultgren, Johnson, and Schilling at the House Ag Committee hearing. Those votes were necessary to push this process toward a final conclusion. ICGA is particularly pleased to see the bill helps to reduce the federal deficit while maintaining a strong crop insurance title.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support a revenue-based safety net plan and a continually improved crop insurance program as the full House refines this bill.”

Source: ECT.coop, a publication of the NRECA