Illinois utilities cooperate on State Fair Energy Zone

Hybrid at state fairimg_4132At this year’s Illinois State Fair the Illinois Energy Zone packed a powerful punch with interactive activities, renewable energy displays, youth activities, and giveaways – more than two dozen attractions. Next year’s display will be even bigger and better. The multi-faceted energy experience was provided by the Energy Education Council (EEC) in cooperation with the state of Illinois, utilities and organizations across the state.

With increasing interest in energy efficiency and clean energy, the energy education showcase gave consumers a convenient one-stop area to learn more about the latest in energy efficiency and technology. Fairgoers were invited to power up light bulbs with the energy bike, get free Illinois popcorn popped using solar and wind energy, check out the Kids Activity Center and learn about geothermal, solar, wind and other renewable energy.


The electric co-op’s 18-foot energy efficiency wall allowed visitors to see what’s inside walls to better understand air and energy leaks, insulation and sealing. Electric and hybrid vehicles on display helped show the differences between the types and models of energy efficient vehicles now on the market.

The University of Illinois College of Engineering with its Smart Grid research demonstrated the latest in power grid technology and how renewable energy and customers
will benefit.