New 2019 Illinois laws

Jan. 1, 2019 was the effective date for more than 200 new laws in Illinois. Of particular interest are the following:

  • All children 2 and under (unless they are over 40 pounds) must ride in a rear-facing child safety seat.
  • Tougher texting and driving penalties. Beginning July 1, 2019, texting while driving will result in a moving violation that goes on your driving record. Three violations in a 12-month period will result in having your license suspended.
  • If you are required to use your personal phone or computer for work, your employer must have a reimbursement policy, just be sure to turn in your expenditures within 30 days of incurring it.
  • Family members and law enforcement officials who suspect that someone poses a significant danger of causing harm to themselves or others will be able to petition the court for a firearms restraining order.
  • Creates a 72-hour waiting period on all firearms, not just handguns.