Seven tips for job search success

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, the job search process can be overwhelming. Here are seven career search and interview tips to make your job search successful and rewarding:

1. Organize your search. Create a plan of attack-this can include developing a preparation timeline, creating or updating your resume, and compiling a list of potential employers as well as the kind of positions you seek.

2. Maximize your reach. Websites like LinkedIn allow job seekers to stay in touch with previous classmates, internship advisors, colleagues and acquaintances, as well as find new networking opportunities. The site also offers a Learning Center with helpful videos.

3. Make the most of your time. Instead of sending out dozens of applications at once, take the time to personalize your resume and cover letter for a few jobs you are really interested in and have a chance of landing.

4. Ensure your application is top notch. Think of your resume and cover letter as a way to build a bridge between you and the available position. Through your application, demonstrate your ability to do the job and highlight the experiences that make it clear that you are the best fit.

5. Prepare for each interview. Complete an assessment of your experience, leadership roles, strengths and weaknesses before the interview.

6. Research potential employers. In advance of your interview, make sure to thoroughly research the company and compile a list of at least five questions to ask. Show that you know the company’s business.

7. Remember to be yourself. During the interview, try to relax and let your personality shine through. Establishing a personal connection with the hiring manager makes your interview that much more memorable.

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