Cooperative Action Network Clean Power Plan update

PrintLast year, many co-op members in Illinois shared their concerns with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the agency’s ­proposed “Clean Power Plan.” Over one million Americans did the same at and

While the EPA addressed several co-op ­concerns in its final rule, the new rule unfortunately still has some ­serious flaws. We respectfully believe the rule goes outside of U.S. EPA’s authority and could force electric co-ops to close power plants that consumers should be able to rely on for decades to come. Most importantly, without these plants many co-op members will face higher energy bills.

Even though the rule is final, electric cooperatives and others aren’t giving up. NRECA (co-ops’ national trade association), other trade organizations, 26 states, and 39 ­generation and transmission ­cooperatives have all filed suit and are asking a federal court to turn back this harmful rule.

For more information about this extremely important issue, and how to stay involved as a member of your local electric co-op and the millions-strong network served by America’s Electric Cooperatives, visit