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Windows 8 tips

Last month I promised to include some Windows 8 tips in this month’s column. But first, let’s talk about a question I received from a reader concerning my advice on which operating system to buy. Basically, it boils down to some confusion over Windows 8 versus Windows 8.1. Specifically, the question was which one of […]

Ask Ed

Dick from Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. writes to ask: My wife and I follow your articles and would appreciate your advice on which desktop operating system might be best for us. Currently, we have Windows XP and an old Dell computer. We have just learned that our bank will soon stop supporting any operating system less than Windows […]

Hands off!

You had to know it was coming. With the ban on texting while driving put in place just a few years back, it was inevitable that a ban on cell phone use would soon follow. This month Illinois sees that new law take effect to ensure motorists are safe on the roadway; but there are […]

Microsoft telephone scam

Cyber criminals are all the rage these days. You see them in the news with talks about the group Anonymous and the information leaks from Edward Snowden. Did you know that the FBI even has a “Cyber’s Most Wanted List?” And, it all boils down to one thing: money. Those running scams of this sort […]

There’s a box for that

Can you believe it’s November already? If you’re like me, you aren’t even close to being done shopping for gifts for the coming holiday season. I’m going to try to get started sooner this year though, and not wait until December 23rd before trying to get everything done in a last-minute panic. In that vein, […]

The tablet dilemma

Last month I received several responses from readers. Thank you so much for taking the time to write in. Several of you had the same question, so this column will try to answer those specifically. Q: Joseph from Jo-Carroll Energy asks, “I enjoy reading your column. Could you please give some advice on purchasing a […]

Windows or Mac?

From time to time, I get e-mails asking questions about Apple computers, and whether they’re better than Windows-based computers. This month I received a response from an Apple Macintosh user, who wanted to point out that I should spend some time in this column talking about “more than Windows.” In fact, he went on to […]

Ask Ed

It’s been a little while since I’ve answered a question directly in this column—too long in fact. I just want to remind everyone that if you have technology issues, whether they are computer or electricity related, please drop me a line and I will do my best to get you an answer. You can also […]

Computer Shopping 103

In this computer shopping series so far, you have learned about the different kinds of processors and hard drives. Certainly, those two pieces are extremely important when purchasing a computer, but there are other parts to consider as well. Before I get started though, let’s take a moment to talk about an important word: integration. […]

Computer shopping 102

Last month, I wrote about which processor to choose when buying a computer. This month’s column will focus on the next major piece of hardware you should consider when making a computer purchase – your hard drive.  Before we get started, I want to be as specific as possible. When I refer to a “hard […]